Posted by: Rob | May 5, 2011

Back Home in Victoria

After a quick, tax free, shopping stop in Portland, we paid a surprise visit to Colleen and Marc in Vancouver.  Then, it was back home to Victoria.  I don’t think we have enjoyed a ferry ride quite as much before.


Needless to say, the Grandparents are happy to have there family back ay home.


The view was not too bad out our window for the first few days.  Apparently all of this sunshine has not been the norm around here lately.


Our first full day at home involved two baseball games, and a day later we moved into our temporary new house. The kids started school a couple of days later. 


It was a great, great trip, that we will all carry with us for the rest of our lives (maybe even a little longer).  We’ve seen a lot of different places over the last year, and stayed in a number of wonderful places to visit, but none of them compare to Victoria. It is good to be home.

Stay tuned for the final tallies.

Posted by: Rob | April 25, 2011

Newport, Oregon


Aaaaahhhh, back to the coast (and it is starting to look a lot like home).IMG_9741

One of our last stops is Newport on the north coast of Oregon.  Our RV park was right on a bluff overlooking the ocean.  This was also the place where we celebrated Avery’s seventh birthday!


As well as where the Easter Bunny delivered a pretty fair load of chocolate (that was found in about 30 seconds).


We visited the seal caves that are 20 storeys down a cliff.IMG_9797IMG_9799

Our last night we were in a storm that literally rocked the bus.  Everyone woke up at 4 am and we had to put the slides in to prevent any damage.  The front awning canvas, as well as anything left outside, blew away.  Amazingly, there was no damage, and the canvas was in perfect shape and ready to be reinstalled.


Posted by: Rob | April 22, 2011

Redding, California

It is hard to believe, but we are getting very close to the end our trip.  We will be back in Victoria the first week of May.  With all the nasty weather at home, we have been reluctant to head north too quickly.  Our last stop in California was in a town called Redding.  We stopped here over night for a last dose of heat, and so Nicholas could fish in the Sacramento River that ran past the park.IMG_9671IMG_9676IMG_9712

Posted by: Rob | April 20, 2011

Napa, California

Our trip to Napa began with a white knuckle bus drive through the streets of San Francisco, and over the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog.IMG_9610

Surprise, surprise…….. Nicholas found a fish.IMG_9635

Napa is a really great place for adults to visit on there own.  Or else they should set up play areas adjacent to the wine stores so the kids don’t have to get in trouble for loitering while Mom and Dad attend yet another wine tasting.IMG_9638IMG_9649

Posted by: Rob | April 19, 2011

San Francisco

We originally planned to stay in a hotel in SF, but we found this great spot to stay at on the bus.  This was our view out the window.  Unfortunately, this was the only time we saw the sun, as the Bay area fog set in the rest of our stay.IMG_9529IMG_9546o IMG_9552

Apparently the kids were getting tired from a typical “Mickelberry” walk around the city.  We’re going to have to work them a little harder.IMG_9560IMG_9586IMG00345-20110417-1507IMG00349-20110417-1521

Posted by: Rob | April 15, 2011

Monterey, California

More beach time….. it never gets tired.IMG_9501IMG_9503

The bike trails in California have been great.  We rode 40 km round trip to visit the aquarium in town.  Avery managed to pull this off with just a bit up uphill assistance!IMG_9513

Posted by: Rob | April 13, 2011

Pismo Beach, California

After negotiating the unbelievable freeway traffic in LA, it was a relief to pull into a little surf town called Pismo.  From here we could run on the beach, walk to town, and basically just hang out before we return home to reality in May.

Here are the kids jumping off of the dunes


Walking into Pismo.IMG_9323IMG_9325IMG_9326IMG_9327IMG_9328IMG_9340

More dune jumping by Ella.IMG_9352

We visited San Simeon and the Hearst Castle.IMG_9362

We also celebrated Ella’s 10th birthday!IMG_9398

The birthday included horseback riding on the beach for the girls.IMG_9429IMG_9430IMG_9477

Posted by: Rob | April 7, 2011

Los Angeles

After navigating some pretty busy southern California freeways, we arrived at a nice quiet place right on the bay in Newport.


Nicholas, Ella, Avery and Dexter catching some waves at Newport Beach.IMG_9080

Ella and Max waiting for the Balboa Island ferry.IMG_9143

The MJ star on Hollywood Boulevard, with an MJ look alike in the red jacket behind the kids.IMG_9166

A few months earlier, we had made arrangements with the Hill-Matheson’s about a possible rendezvous with us while they were visiting Disneyland.  We didn’t tell the kids.  On the day of the surprise, they came walking by where we staying.  Avery and Talia  recognized each other immediately and proceeded to squeeze the air out of each other like only long lost friends can.  The two boys, on the other hand, stared at each other in a complete daze.  Thomas was not sure what was going on, and Nicholas, with some prodding, noted “that kid” looks just like his friend Thomas from Victoria. Once everyone was reunited, they made themselves at home.IMG_9180

To help pass time, I buried the little ones (they put up the least resistance).IMG_9241

Good friends saying goodbye until the end of the summer.IMG_9291

Posted by: Rob | April 1, 2011

Traveling Mickelberrys TV show?

We’ve had a crazy couple of days.  While in LA, we were invited to a casting call for a reality show about a modern day Partridge family.  We don’t really play music that well, but we think we can sing, we have a blog title that sounds somewhat like a former musical group, and best of all, we already have the bus.  In an effort to improve our chances, I had the bus repainted to help the producers see that we were the right family for the new show.

h3-45 elevation mondrian

They were pretty blown away when we pulled up in our freshly painted bus for our audition.  Janice did her best Shirley Jones impression, Ella pretended to play the keyboards, Avery was on a tambourine, Nicholas banged on the drums, and I channelled my inner David Cassidy and nailed a perfect rendition of “ I Think I Love You”.  Apparently, the producers didn’t see the same brilliance in my performance as I did, but said we had a chance if I would consider taking on the Ruben Kinkaid role instead, and keep the microphone out of my hand.  Of course I jumped at the offer.

While we were finalizing details with the producers, the president of the production company interrupted us.  He told everyone that the project was cancelled, and that they were going to pursue a remake of “The Beverly Hillbillies” instead.  To make matters worse, he had the audacity to ask what that bus with the stupid Mondrian paint scheme was doing parked in his parking space.

Easy come, easy go.  I hope whoever buys the bus appreciates the paint job more than that TV guy did.

Posted by: Rob | March 31, 2011

San Diego, California

A big milestone for us when we reached San Diego……  we were back at the Pacific Ocean(and it felt good).  San Diego is a pretty nice town, with lots to do.  We managed to go for a bike ride around the Mission Bay area, and IMG_8977

take in the world famous (deservedly) zoo.


Dexter and Max were then motivated to start there own snail zoo.IMG_9029

Just north of San Diego is Oceanside, and the California Surf Museum.IMG_9042

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